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JamieMajor1996This is are new hotmail [link]
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R. Rice   created a new thread JACOOOOOOBBBBBBBBBB!!!!!!!!!!! in the General Discussion forum
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TorrhenJoin the team speak [link] and contact anyone in the arma 2 channels and we will tell you or help you download what you need
JamieMajor1996please contact via [link] or team speak 3 on [link]
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JamieMajor1996Welcome to the new home of the Fourth Para Regiment we are recruiting right now u can do this by sending a email to me @ "[link]" or via team speak 3 on [link] and look for a are channel the 4th para regiment. please make sure you meet these minimum specifications.... That you are 13 years + due to nature of this clan. And with the mature operations that will be held in the future and why you would like to join this clan
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